Go Live Now

We offer custom cloud based web applications as a service.


Go Mobile Now

We offer custom iOS and Android applications as a service.


Bring Your Ideas to Life

We offer game development on PC, mobile and gaming consoles as a service.

Static web sites are quickly becoming a thing of the past. You need a dynamic, content-rich front end to show off your business. You need to integrate your site into your daily operations; be as responsive as possible; offer immediate value to your customers.

We have a long experience in web application development, from simple, elegant interfaces, to powerful server-side data processing. We have an extensive Ruby On Rails library that rivals the best in the business. We know how to enrich the user experience with Flash, JQuery, and a host of other technologies. We have hosted solutions on Amazon AWS, LiNode, Digital Ocean, and others. As technically trained professionals, our staff take pride in their ability to use new tools, selectively apply new tools, and integrate them into deceptively simple solutions. We offer extensive support, server administration, and guarantee an upgrade path for every one of our solutions.

Take your Internet presence to the next level. Go live now.



We implement our web applications using the cutting-edge technology for UX/UI with HTML5 and CSS3.

SEO Ready

We design your web solution to be reachable via global search engines via latest search engine optimization techniques.


Scalability is one aspect we take very seriously. Our solutions are built with your future success in mind, and will grow with your business.


An unsecure web application is a disaster. We always keep an eye on our servers to operate safely and securely.

Linux Nodes Administration

As opensource fans, the main platform we use in our deployments is Linux. Almost every distribution provides a high level of reliability and configurability.

Flexible Database Engines

We never build our architecture to be fixed on a single DBMS. Moreover, we are free to use relational or non-relational models.

Social Actions

We integerate freely with common social networks avialable. Even more, we can build our social components with ease.

Secure Authentication

Whenever we are integrating with external APIs or during standard authentication, we focus on making the process safe and secure.

Highly customizable privileges

Privileges and privacy settings are common requirements. Our method of work allows us to make the most out of this.

Onsite Payment

We have high experience with payment gateways that allows us to implement any payment method available over the internet.

Mobile friendly

A web application must be accessible via mobile browsers. That's an important law that we understand carefully. Don't worry!

Dedicated Support

We never leave a customer behind. We are just as keen as you to have your applications work like a charm.

Mobile devices are growing beyond expectation. It's a new world where just having a web page is no longer enough. You can reach and retain customers, stay in touch with your sales force, be more productive wherever you are, or have fun whenever you want.

Every member of our team is well-versed in the intricate details of mobile programming. With a strong success track and a diverse portfolio, they continue to deliver stunning interfaces, rich functionality, and glitch-free reliability. We offer top-notch applications on either Android or iOS. We provide back-end server control panels and customization options. We integrate seamlessly on either platform with Facebook, LinkedIn, and other APIs to enrich the user experience. Plus we deliver on time.

Take your business to the next level. Go mobile now.



We have a dedicated team of iOS develoeprs who have fallen in love with Apple.

Android SDK

We have great experience in developing Android applications with different styles and scopes.

Cross-Platform Development

Whether using native code or cross platform technologies, you can have a chance to reach a wider audience.

NFC Payment

NFC payments is a trending payment solution via mobile. We believe in supporting the latest trends.

Geolocation Support

Customize user experience based on their location, and get the impression you deserve.

Compass Support

Getting the direction your mobile is facing gives you great abilities starting from standard location services to augmented reality.

Internet Connectivity Detection

Smart applications should make the most out of an internet connection, and gracefully deal with interruptions.

Accelerometer Support

We have great experience in making use of accelerometers in games, augmented reality applications, and motion tracking.

Camera Support

We believe that use of mobile camera has just started, and we are ready to help you capitalize on this integration.

Our clients so far have been keeping us busy creating mobile games for their ventures. Gaming has recently become a marketing and branding tool par excellence, as well as remaining one of the most profitable ventures around. That is, of course, if the game takes off. Our job is to make sure your game is designed, crafted, coded, and tested to earn its place in the world.

We work with best-in-class graphic artists, sound track editors, and experienced gamers to make sure every detail is covered. Our developers have experience with Unity, UDK, and Starling so your game can be distributed over desktops, consoles, and mobiles, taking advantage of hardware acceleration for dazzling performance. Your mobile game can be implemented in native code for either Android or iOS, and can be integrated with your web pages or server back-end.

Take your business to the next level. Bring your ideas to life.


Unity 3D

We have created several games, prototypes and POCs with Unity 3D that make us able to develop world-class games rapidly.


UDK has become one of the leaders of game engines. We now believe we can create something great out of it.


Starling is the most powerful graphics engine using Actionscript 3.0. Flash has traditionally been a great gaming platform, and is likely to remain so.

Cocos 2D

The cool physics engine over iOS that was used to create the first versions of the fabulous Angry Birds on iOS. Create your own now!

Character Design

We offer character design service ONLY as a part of the game development process, not as a standalone service. We can also work with third-party characters.

Animation Sequences

We offer animation service ONLY as a part of the game development process, not as a standalone service. We can also work with third-party animations.

3D Modeling

We offer 3D modeling service ONLY as a part of the game development process, not as a standalone service. We can also work with third-party 3D models.

Sound Effects

We offer sound effects service ONLY as a part of the game development process, not as a standalone service. We favor working with third-party sound effects.

Background Music

We offer music composing service ONLY as a part of the game development process, not as a standalone service. We favor working with third-party composers.