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Big Data

High performance that scales into billions of records per job. Optimized for parallel processing on data farms, DVAMP will not impact the rest of your servers.

Elegant Visualization

Stunning charts that bring your data to life; advanced filters and customization options cover every contingency. Build dashboards to suit your exact needs from a wide range of visual tools.

Multiple Sources

Analyze data from any RDBMS, read log files in any syntax, and even work with direct data streams. Combine or compare sources for extra insight.


Metrics can be scripted for every possible case. Equations can be applied to your data and the results analyzed in real-time. New modules can be plugged in for added functionality.

Full-time Support

This is a long-term partnership. Each DVAMP license comes with twelve months of full support, including server administration, custom scripts, and even additional modules.

Enjoy The Power of Parallel Computing

Last Testing Results (2 Servers - Quad core)


Data Points


Metric Points


Pts Processed / Sec


Avg Microseconds / Pt

Pattern Extraction

DVAMP extarcts the patterns out of your input, and just need your confirmation to start tracking them.

10 aggregate funcitons

DVAMP automatically calculates the standard aggregate function to you as predefined metrics to be shown in your dashboard.

Customizable Metrics

Feel free to define your own metrics using basic aggregate functions, standard arithmetic operators and algebraic functions with applying filters.

Live Feed

You can set the Live Feed feature on and watch live feed of charts and data retrieved from our system.

Multi-Series Support

Feel free to draw multiple metrics across each other in one chart, for better visualization and decision making.

Saving Configuration

You can save your customizations (metrics drawn with each other, series colors, and other filters) for later usage.

Threshold Markers

You can add markers on your charts for better detection for outliers.


Feel free to define and customize your alarms for any metric based on a percentage, value or a differential.

Intelligent Alarms

DVAMP alarms you with any dramatical change in values without aprior definition.

Pan/Zoom functionality

You can zoom into the charts to detect the fine ripples. Then you can pan in all directions to trace your chart.

Flexible Resolution

You can have your chart drawn with multiple resolutions according to data sampling rate.

10 Visualization Methods

DVAMP offers different ways of visualizations (line, area, bar, bubble, pie, guage, candlesicks, tabular, vector maps, and sparklines)

Historical Data Search

Feel free to search in all historical data.

Regression Curves

DVAMP offers 3 orders for regression curves (linear, polynomial, logarithmic).

Envelope Curves

DVAMP offers the envelope for all your metric charts drawn on differetn series in your chart area.

Request a quote

Pricing of DVAMP is highly flexible due to your needs and required features. Our flexible pricing model aims to pay for what you only use. We need to serve you with every penny you pay, and that's out general policy.